Perfect Packer A.I. Automated Void Fill System
PERFECTPACKER - PERFECT PACKER A.I. AUTOMATED : A.I. automated void fill system
Perfect Packer A.I. Automated Void Fill System

Intertape Polymer Group


  • Speed: Up to 15 boxes/minute
  • Case Size Range: (min-max) W: 6-36” L: 6.5-20” H: 5-24”
  • Photo Storage: 2 terabytes (roughly 45,000 images)
  • Void Fill = X-Fill Pro Dispenser, #30 paper, 36" wide
  • Void Fill Accuracy: +/- 3%
  • Case Dimensions Accuracy: 99% (known cases, +/- 5% unknown)
  • Pre-Set Case Memory: 100 case sizes
  • Overall Dimensions: W: 5.5’ L: 12’ H: 8’
  • Power Requirements: 120V, 10A
  • Air Requirements: 90 psi / 3 scfm


  • Analytics display provides an up-to-the-minute visual reference of real-time production data.
  • End of the line solution for "box first" or "box last" e-fulfillment.
  • One high-resolution 12 Megapixel camera with advanced high color graphics with two 3D sensors.
  • Control your fill percent (%) remotely and update your process immediately.
  • Reduce labor by eliminating and consolidating pack stations.
  • Increase throughput by pacing the line and reducing operator decision-making.
  • Data is collected and reported on void fill percentages per case size.
  • Data can be sorted, filtered, and analyzed for savings on:
    • Case counts
    • Corrugate count for each case
    • Consumable void fill
    • OEE
    • DIM weight shipping
    • Production cycle time and counts
  • Photo storage for product damage or pilferage claim tracking.
  • Analyze and optimize case sizes for DIM weight and freight cost reductions.
  • Bypass mode for totes, mailers, closed cases, and SIOC items.


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